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AMERISAFE has made ensuring your privacy a top priority. In order to provide reliable products and services that accommodate your insurance needs, AMERISAFE obtains certain personal information, which is described below in The Personal Information We Collect. AMERISAFE's practices of handling personal information are regulated by law. Those practices are disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

The Personal Information We Collect.
AMERISAFE collects personal information about you and the members of your household to conduct business operations, provide customer service, settle claims and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

We may collect the following categories of information about you from these sources:

Information directly from you or through an agent, broker, or your employer, including information from applications, monthly audit reports, annual audit reports, claim forms or other documents (such as name, address, phone number, social security number or federal employer identification number, occupation, assets, revenue, payroll information, and prior carrier information);

Information from rating organizations;

Information from other non-AMERISAFE sources (such as prior loss information);

Information through safety/loss control inspections or claims investigations;

Information from a consumer reporting agency (such as motor vehicle reports);

Information from the National Claim Information Bureau;

Information from an employer, benefit plan sponsor, benefit plan administrator or master policyholder for any AMERISAFE individual or group insurance product you may have (such as name, address and social security number or federal employer identification number).

The Personal Information We Share.
AMERISAFE may disclose the personal information we collect to service, process, or administrator business operations such as underwriting and claims, and for other purposes such as marketing of products or services, regulatory compliance, the detection or prevention of fraud, or as otherwise required or allowed by law. These disclosures may be made without prior authorization from you, as the law permits.

Sharing Personal Information with Others.
AMERISAFE may disclose personal information we collect to affiliated and non-affiliated parties for processing and service providers including: reinsurers, insurance agents or brokers, auditors, independent claim adjusters, third party administrators, independent safety or loss control engineers, employers, claims related experts and engineers. For example, we may disclose information to our affiliates and other parties that perform services for us such as customer service or account maintenance. Personal information may also be disclosed to non-affiliated parties as permitted or required by law. For example, information may be disclosed to detect or prevent fraud or to comply with an inquiry of a government agency or regulator, or in response to a summons or subpoena.

Confidentiality and Security of Personal Information.
AMERISAFE is responsible for identifying information that must be protected and providing an adequate level of protection for that data. AMERISAFE allows access to non-public personal information about you and your employees only to individuals who must use it in the performance of their job-related duties. Those who have access to personal information (such as underwriters, customer service representatives, auditors and other audit personnel, claims personnel, your agent, sales/marketing personnel, safety/loss control engineers, accounts payable, policy services/processing personnel) are obligated to safeguard such information. In addition to contractual safeguards with our affiliates, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Sharing Personal Information with Service Providers or for Joint Marketing.
AMERISAFE reserves the right to disclose non-public personal information collected by us, to companies, service providers and financial institutions who perform functions for us, with which we have joint marketing agreements. This information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others may include policy coverage, premium, loss history, payment history and claims information, as well as information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency, such as your creditworthiness and credit history. Any disclosure of this nature is required to be subject to an agreement with us, that contains a confidentiality provision.

Personal Health Information.
Under certain circumstances, we must collect personal health information about our customers, such as information regarding an accident, disability or injury, for underwriting or claim purposes. AMERISAFE does not disclose your personal health information for the purpose of marketing unless we have your express consent.

Personal Information of Former Customers.
We may disclose the same categories of non-public personal information to the same categories of affiliates and non-affiliated third parties, with regard to former customers as we do to current customers.

"Customer" and "You" refers to any individual or authorized representative of an individual, who obtains or has obtained an insurance product or service from AMERISAFE. "Personal Information" refers to any non-public information, which is defined by law as personally identifiable financial information provided by you or your authorized representative to AMERISAFE, as the result of a transaction with or any service performed for you by AMERISAFE or otherwise obtained by us. Personal information does not include publicly available information as defined by applicable law.

"AMERISAFE" and "we" includes the following companies on whose behalf this notice is given:


American Interstate Insurance Company

Silver Oak Casualty, Inc.

American Interstate Insurance Company of Texas

Amerisafe Risk Services, Inc.

Amerisafe General Agency, Inc.

Employees of the above listed companies

Opt-Out Notice.
If you prefer that we do not disclose your nonpublic personal information to non-affiliated third parties, you may opt-out of such disclosures, that is, you may direct us not to make disclosures, other than those permitted by law. 

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