Become a Policyholder

AMERISAFE has been in the workers' comp market for decades, assisting policyholders in high hazard industries such as agribusiness, construction, manufacturing, marine, oil & gas, trucking and wood products. We understand the conditions our policyholders operate in every day and the safety risks employees face. Our industry experience allows us to provide knowledgeable underwriting services and practical guidance. Become an AMERISAFE policyholder and benefit from having an experienced workers' comp provider on your side.

By becoming an AMERISAFE policyholder, you'll have access to:

  • A local, experienced team: AMERISAFE's Field Safety Professionals and our lost-time Field Case Managers are located across the nation, serving policyholders in their geographic areas. Our Field Safety Professionals are trained in OSHA regulations and have hands-on experience in the industries in which policyholders work.

  • Education and training: Our policyholder training program ensures employers and employees operate as safely as possible. As an AMERISAFE policyholder, you'll have access to discounts on online safety courses, which include OSHA trainings. Additionally, our education and training resources are always available.

  • Flexible payment options: Policyholders can submit payments online, by phone, or by mail. Learn more about payment options.



Please complete our Prospective Policyholder Information Sheet so we can determine the best route to assist you. Once reviewed, we will assign one of our contracted agencies in your area to begin working your account. For more information, please call 800.897.9719. 

Please note a satisfactory questionnaire and/or agency placement does not guarantee AMERISAFE will be able to quote your account.

Prospective Policyholder Information Sheet

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